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Corporate Advisory

Critical tasks as banks, lessors and manufacturer captives determine the future of their asset financing activities. Experienced directors populate boardrooms. Even so, during times of major change it is often difficult to assess just what market reaction there is amongst competitors to those changes, both regulatory and in the business climate. It can help to engage outside expertise to help develop strategies and plans; particularly experienced senior individuals close to the wider industry.

Scarce capital resources and the varied effects of Basel III are causing banks in particular to reconsider the future of their asset financing activities. Assimilation into the bank product range and distribution network is one major feature of the changes taking place. Alongside this there is also a reassessment of geographical coverage and the complication or simplification of products offered. Manufacturer captive finance companies also see that the banking groups are neither offering as good a service as before, nor as good a service as they would expect. Naturally they are filling the gap with their own financial products.

The new regulatory environment with increased capital requirements has caused a shortage of funding, both for lenders and borrowers. As a result, funding has become integral to strategy and planning discussions, as an essential building block of financial corporate activity. New sources of funding are essential if the industry is to continue to support investment in new equipment. IAA-Advisory is at the forefront of seeking new lenders and participants in the industry and is involved in a number of initiatives to encourage a new flow of capital into the leasing space.

You can find the expertise you need in the IAA Group’s Directors: We are in close touch with a wide variety of financial institutions on a day-to-day basis and have very broad experience of the industry. We have run major leasing companies and manufacturer captives. We have been in the industry through difficult economic cycles: in the present circumstances, this is a real advantage.

We work with the executive team on a personal and individual basis. We can undertake project work to develop plans, or to assist and validate the decision making process. In the current economic climate, it is essential that sensible and prudent plans are implemented for a successful future. In the formulation of those plans it is also critical that experience and proven success are part of the building blocks.