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The following is a selected list of example assignments that we have completed


  • Assisting with the assessment of leadership teams in potential acquisitions.
  • Sourcing and analysing potential new stakeholders for a leasing company
  • Assisting the buy side of regulated entity acquisition of a leasing company

Business Origination

  • Locating and assisting in executing a material technology leasing development opportunity.
  • Researching and assisting in new generation product creation.


  • Analysing and assisting in the development of a concentration risk policy for an international lessor.
  • Analysing and assisting with the development and implementation of credit policy guidelines.
  • Critique of credit policies and rules for a new venture


  • Assisting in the development of an industry wide leasing framework for a European government.
  • Lobbying a government on behalf of a captive lessor in relation to leasing law.
  • Acting as a retained board advisor to UK leasing companies as an efficient alternative to “single person” non-executive positions.
  • Developing and implementing a portfolio benchmarking exercise for an international lessor.
  • Supporting a first-time entrant to industry.
  • Providing board level insight into trends and possibilities for the leasing industry

Board Advisory and Interim Roles

  • Retained Advisory role for listed bank following on from an acquisition
  • Retained Advisory role to specialist leasing subsidiary of major private company
  • Provided interim CRO role for major international lessor
  • Provided interim CEO role for major services and investment company
  • Provided interim CFO role for UK leasing company