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Interim Management

A solution that offers the time you need to recruit the right person to fill a senior position. Although well-run businesses have succession plans in place to cover the loss of key executives, it is impossible to plan for every contingency. Career choices, performance issues and health concerns can suddenly punch a hole in a management team. While the executive has gone, the critical role has not: there’s an important job to be done and no one to do it.

If there is no internal candidate there will be an external search for a replacement. This can be a frustratingly slow exercise, especially at a senior level when candidates are few and the preferred replacement may have a long notice period. Finding the right person cannot be rushed, and yet the business can’t wait if it’s to function effectively. This is where interim management performs a vital role. An experienced manager can provide cover so the search for a permanent replacement can be comprehensive and hasty decisions avoided.

Once an interim appointment has been made, companies often find other advantages: The right individual will bring the benefit of industry knowledge and extensive contacts which they can use to act in a consultancy capacity. Their strategic insight and guidance on the company’s future direction will come with neither the influence of internal politics nor career positioning.

Where to find such a creature? By virtue of its extensive network, IAA-Advisory has access to a select group of experienced managers with track records in leasing and asset finance, able to take on executive roles at short notice, in the UK and overseas. We can provide the right people across the functional spectrum to deliver day-to-day operational management and address a temporary problem, or offer strategic oversight to position the company for long-term development. Our people know the industry and the market, and see themselves as problem-solvers who offer their expertise for your benefit.

Interim management makes sense on many levels. As the immediate solution to a problem that has appeared overnight, an interim manager will offer experienced and objective operational advice; strategic guidance and allow a smooth transition to a permanent replacement. IAA-Advisory can find the right person to fill a sudden gap in your team.