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People Services

The IAA-Advisory People Services Group aims to bring together a series of services designed to help our clients deliver outstanding customer service and compliance standards, and a recognition as market-leading specialists in their respective sectors of the Leasing and Asset Finance industry.

We help our clients to maximise the productivity of their workforce, by providing a Senior Management recruitment service, ‘one on one’ training and mentoring, group training, and other people management services.

IAA-Advisory are involved in the following projects: –

  • Culture and Change coaching.
  • Group and individual ‘introduction into the business’ courses.
  • The History of Leasing (an historical background to the UK and European leasing industry from its commencement in 1960 to the present day)
  • “How to organise ‘Groups’ to work together and achieve consensus decisions.”
  • Project Finance and product training for groups from overseas emerging markets.